Author John Gilmore in New Black Dahlia Documentary


Black Dahlia Rendezvous
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January 29, 2012 is the date for  the release  of the first feature-length documentary/interview on the story of Elizabeth Short, as explored, researched and  remembered by John Gilmore, author of Severed, the True Story of the Black Dahlia. Gilmore met Elizabeth Short in October 1946, on her visit to  his grandmother, Margaret Knox, in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. It was a week before Halloween. Gilmore was eleven years-old, and Elizabeth Short was twenty-two. Less than three months later, Elizabeth Short  was found brutally murdered. Tune into for updates on showing.

Update 2/22/12: A recent update of Gilmore’s website has removed the info on the documentary. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if the film will actually be released…

Elizabeth Short - the Black Dahlia
Elizabeth Short in color c. 1946